See the world ...

Through the exciting and rewarding lens of a travel agent Girl Let’s Go, LLC agent!

Learn from our partnership of world-renowned, award-winning companies, instructors and subject matter experts. Your journey from student to professional includes theoretical and practical instruction, engaging live sessions and tasks for you to complete to bring your new business and service offering into fruition. This is a 100% online, on your own time, training and mentorship program.


Did You Know...

  • If you book on a travel site, like Expedia or Hotwire they make the commission.

  • If you book direct with a hotel, cruise, concert or airline they keep the commission.

  • If you book through a travel agent, he or she makes the commission.

Why not route that commission to you?

In Business for Yourself

Not By Yourself

When you choose to become a travel professional, you're not competing against major companies, YOUR'RE WORKING WITH THEM. And, lucky for you we have over two hundred partnerships for you to choose from. Viewed as an integral part of their business operations, you are trained to the highest degree of expertise, given unwavering support and rewarded handsomely for their contributions. From deeply discounted vacation incentives, FAM trips, site inspections, cash bonuses and life-changing commissions on the front end, to tax benefits, agent rewards and memories that last a lifetime on the back end, one would be crazy not to consider raking in on opportunity, if not for the perks and benefits alone!

Agent Types

Secret Agent

"The Entrepreneur Seeking to Build their own Agency"

Open to those who may or may not have previous experience as a travel professional but desire to own and operate their own agency and independent practice. As a secret agent you have the backing, guidance and support you need to make a name for yourself, create your own brand and propel your business. Instead of having competitors, you are privy to a network of professionals who share information that would otherwise be protected as trade secrets. Those who choose this package understand that Rome was not built over night. They are generally extremely business minded, understand what it takes to build, manage and support a business financially, as well as the responsibility of preforming various tasks required to sustain their business (i.e: Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service, Operational Flow & Online Platform Management) are a few examples of the many hats you will wear and be responsible for until they grow to the point where help can be acquired or hired.

Free Agent

"The Freelancer, benefits fanatic, not looking to start a large scale business."

This package is ideal for those who have no desire to grow a large-scale business but would like to benefit from owning a travel agency by booking accommodations for a close nit group of friends and family on occasion while taking advantage of the tax breaks and industry perks as a travel professional. Equating to just $34.00 per month, Free Agents have the least overhead, oversight and responsibility of our agents. They are responsible for completing at least (2) bookings and (2) qualified educational events per year. Due to their casual connection in the industry, their business overhead is due up-front and must be renewed each year to continue their status.

Double Agent

"Independent Contractors & Girl Let's Go Agents"

Also known as company ambassadors, these agents represent Girl Let's Go at all times. They have the ability to earn commission off the trips they initiate outside the company, AND get referrals, leads and actual bookings from Girl Let's Go, LLC. They don't have to worry about inventing or re-inventing the wheel, all processes and procedures are provided for them, all they have to do is execute with the highest level satisfaction. When it comes to things like marketing, accounting, operational flow, and online presence, outside of marketing yourself personally, we already have that covered! Associates benefit from the established reputation and efforts of the company as soon as they partner with us and the work continually to uphold and protect that rapport. They are brand ambassadors, who phone lines, email accounts and apparel to identify them as such. Associates are also privy to company positions and exclusive incentives and multiple streams of income potential.