Course Curriculum

    1. Before You Begin

    2. Introduction

    3. Course Overview

    4. Commissionable Payouts & Bountys

    5. Operating Contracts & Finance Setup

    6. Course Workbook

    1. Chapter 2 - What is A Travel Agent

    2. Chapter 3 - Providing Services

    3. Chapter 4 - Let's Get This Money, Honey!

    4. Chapter 4b - Marketing

    5. Chapter 5 - As the World Turns

    1. Quiz

    1. Accommodations

    2. Chapter 7 - Activities

    1. Chapter 7 - Cruises

    2. Chapter 7 - Ground Transportation

    3. Chapter 7a - Motor Coach

    4. Chapter 7 - Car & RV Rentals

    5. Chapter 10 - Travel Insurance

    1. Take A Quiz

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content

Agent Types

Pricing options

Agent types are defined by the level of independency you desire as a travel agent or agency owner. Regardless of your associate type, ALL agents have the opportunity to take advantage of continual education and support.

Course Outline

Your journey from Student to Boss!

WEEK (1) - TA101

Learn what defines the tourism industry as well as the principles and practices to align with.  In this study we uncover who a travel agent is, what he or she does, the expectations of a travel professional and how to position yourself for success in this lucrative and rewarding industry despite the competition.

WEEK (2) - Core Essentials 

By week two you learn how to identify the best accommodation choices, organize flights, schedule local transportation, attract a growing client base and curate your unique selling point. It’s not enough that you learn the rules and conducts of the travel industry, you also need to learn how to position values that keep your clients ever coming; that makes you stay on top of the game. You’ll learn how to source for funding, prepare a pitch deck and ways to jumpstart your business.

 WEEK (3) – B.O.O.S.T.™ Camp 

This course doesn’t leave you hanging on principles and theories; you’re made to learn by hands-on experiences! In your third week you’ll transition into B.O.O.S.T.™ Camp where Building On Our Success Together is the name of the game! Over the next two weeks you will have a cohort of seasoned experts and suppliers who will bring to life the lessons learned in previous weeks and help you navigate the process of turning theories into the best practices of owning and operating your business. 

WEEK (4) – B.O.O.S.T. Camp Contd.

Use this week to finish up any undue assignments, get your questions answered, and chime in for any live sessions that may be available to you. This week you graduate the training part of the course. But are you ready to conduct business, "as a business" though? 


WEEK (5-8)  Prep School &  Mentorship

Welcome to phase two, "Prep School" where you're taught to "Prep Yourself Before You Rep Yourself!" 

Again, moving at their own pace, students complete streamlined tasks and assignments that are instantly rewarding to the build out of "their business or service offerings. This is where training goes from on the computer to out in the world, or simply picking up the phone to chat with your dedicated success coach who's there to answer questions and lend support as needed. At the completion of phase two, you should be confidently ready to take on the world! And, throughout your lifetime with the company you can rest assured that you’ll always be surrounded with ongoing training and support to stay abreast of and among the elite in the travel industry; you’ll always be able to interact with our team of professionals and travel experts around the globe giving you resounding networking leverage and support.


Live sessions are generally scheduled Sunday evenings between 5 & 7pm. B.O.O.S.T. Camp sessions are typically scheduled weekdays between 5-8pm EST. Exact dates and times are given to registered students only. Recordings are sometimes available.